Društvo za raziskovanje vremena in podnebja (Weather and Climate Research Society) was founded in 2012. It combines a very broad range of professionals from different backgrounds. We are meteorologists, geographists, electricians, and from pedagogical backgrounds.

Our goals are to better understand local differences in weather patterns, popularisation of meteorology as a profession, cooperation with different Slovenian organisations and organisations from the rest of the world mainly in the fields of meteorology and climatology.

The society's main project is research of weather differences in the Alpine and the Dinaric regions of Slovenia. We have placed a network of fifteen meteorological stations in the  Dinaric mountain range at elevations between 500 to around 1600 meters above sea level by which we are trying to determine effects of relief on temperature and precipitation.

Another project is measuring temperature in frost hollows. These are regions where the temperature can drop very low during clear, dry and windless nights. The temperature in these places can be more than 15K lower than in the surrounding higher areas.

The Weather and Climate Research Society is also member of the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief.

In this era of climate change it is also important that we raise awareness of the fragility of our atmosphere. To accomplish this we organise workshops for youth where we are trying through different experiments to demonstrate and explain to them what is happening to our planet and why should we take greater care of it.

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